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Report: All Volkswagen models to have hybrid option

According to Ulrich Hackenberg, head of product development at Volkswagen, Volkswagen is planning to offer its up coming new models with full or partial hybrid engines.

What Green Car 

WhatGreenCar?  Provides expert & independent information to those researching more environmentally friendly cars. The core of the site content was first published by Dr. Ben Lane as an ebook in 2004 and a second edition was produced in 2005. Dan Fallon joined Ben in 2006 and together they founded What Green Car? Limited. The company's mission is to be acknowledged as the UK's leading information guide to buying and owning a green car. 

Top Ten Least Fuel Efficient Hybrids

Seems like every auto maker is offering hybrid variants to their line-ups these days. Volkswagen just announced today that it is looking into offering hybrid options in all its models. That’s good news for you fuel-efficiency freaks and environment lovers right?

The HybridCentre.Org - A Project of the Union of Concerned Scientists

An ideal consumer and technology resource on hybrid-electric vehicles. Find out how hybrids work and compare vehicles side by side, rating fuel economy.

Green Chip Stocks

Besides being a source of green investment possibilities it is a good resource for news of new environmentally friendly technology.

The Sun Lizard - Environmentally friendly ventilation for the home