The Cayman Institute is an independent, apolitical, privately funded, non-profit research organization dedicated to reducing the vulnerability of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to the long term effects and implications of diverse technological, sociological, economical and cultural issues.
Through a combination of research and strategic outreach, the Institute actively engages all sectors of the Cayman Islands and other SIDS.

The Institute's Board of Directors bears overall responsibilities for the Institute and gives general guidance and approval to its research program, including the identification of topics that are likely to become important over the medium term and should be addressed by the institute.
The Institute hopes that its studies and other activities will contribute to building resiliency and a better life for all Small Island Developing States.

The Board of Directors

Nick Robson, CSCM, MA  Founder and Chairman

Dr. John Harvey Director

Tim Balls Director

J. Lee Tinney Director

William (Billy) Adam - Director

Kem Jackson - Director